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For many years in my head there was blinking an idea of necessity to build my own website. Alas, social networks do not inspire me. All thier "likes", daily stalking promotions of dozens unfamiliar people as your friends-to-be, and other social-network ado - they all are not for me. A website is much closer to the format of a book, that mankind ground in course of centuries.

Most folks are unable to create their websites by themselves without a coder, thence, they appease their needs to vent own ideas and emotions out just via those tools that are at their arm's length.

A few arguments in favor of the site. A good book is rarely written at once. Especially, an initial one. Moreover, if an author is not a writer or journalist by education. He repeatedly shuffles plot lines, a sequence of scenes, rhetorics et cetera.

Similar things happen with websites, and sites are much better. After being printed, a book's content can be changed only in rather cumbersome way - via a modified reprint at a print house. Such unwieldiness is used for encyclopedias, dictionaries, reference books, but not for many of them. And for fiction - extremely seldom. Whereas that your website can be polished, updated virtually every minute. You just need enhancement ideas.

A site enables you to mix different genres, to create extra amenities for visitors through disclosing, hiding, changing fragments and layers. Plus, using audio, video, slideshows. It also potentiates a reader - in course of his/her trip along your website - to flit instantly between its sections or to be redirected to "the refined pearls" of the external Internet.

Web surely outranks paper books and magazines. It's really breathtaking just to imagine what could be if such an engine was available to Marlowe or da Vinci, for instance.

The last straw in my decision to launch my personal website had a meeting with a classmate whom I hadn't seen a couple of decades. In the nineties, I would have been in the utmost delight from our two-hour vis-a-vis talk. But, alas, I for dozen years managed websites of the largest Ukrainian bank. Thence, after that party with my classmate I felt a mild vexation that was similar to what occurs in our days when you watch silent b&w movies, filmed a century ago. We should be able not just to report (helping with our gestures) about a previous dozen or more years, but to produce a full-color and a multimedia HD presentation.

Hopefully, soon we all will have a chance to elongate a kaif of live meetings: via a delicious aftertaste from visiting renewable colorful Full-HD websites of our friends. Thus, getting impulses to recall them more often, to dial, correspond and visit each other.

Well, that's all my ouverture, indeed.