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These zingy activities took more than 20 years of my life. Five years at a High School. Three years as a guild master at machinery works. Eleven years - in a Research Institute. For three years I headed a technical department in a HQ of MSTM - the largest Ukrainian Glavk (later Concern) on industrial & civil mounting works.

I mastered almost all types of the speciality: meccano designing, technology development, economics calculations, compiling standards & contracts, writing articles and invention applications, lecturing at training courses.

Three hundred my projects were industrially implemented: twofold-increasing crane capacities, various non-standard installation schemes, embodiment of innovative rigging. I elaborated projects for many dozens Ukrainian works and as well for those in Russia, Georgia, Belarus, Moldova, being an author of more than two hundred scientific studies.

Foreign relations

From eleven-year-old age I intensively studied English with private native tutors and being seventeen I commanded it fluently. At my very first English lesson in Machinery Institute our adequate English lecturer released me from attending her lessons for all five years ahead. So, I at once passed exams to Moscow High Linguistic Courses "In-Yaz" starting studies there from second year. When I arrived to Dnipro after graduating Engineering High School I had already two High-School diplomas in hands. Alas, until the early nineties I had just few chances to use my English for job. Sometimes we came across technical documentation and contracts, several times it was helpful while negotiating with Western chief supervisors. Nevertheless, all these years I regularly read English fiction, technical articles and had sufficiently enlarged my vocabulary. In these years I had also learned French being able to read French texts without a dictionary.

In the nineties, this my backup linguistic resource revealed to be in demand. At first, I launched a JSC VESONYX on screwdrive assembling TV sets from parts supplied by Hong Kong partner Onyx. Later I was invited by PrivatBank as a manager that fluently commanded English, and headed there a Foreign Relations Department in Investment Division.

In 2014 I launched English versions of en.pb.ua and pb.com.cy (both in new design), in 2015 - joined Corezoid team to promote its innovative "crazy glue" to Western partners and customers.


In 1990, I got acquainted with my first PC. It was a GDR-made ROBOTRON unit with a monochrome monitor and a typewriter-like printer. In 1995, an initial text editor Lexicon was replaced by Word. Later we got Excel, software for graphics editing & email. In 1997, I was the very first PrivatBank man who contracted an Internet Provider on hosting services and started publishing in web our stock-market reviews and analytics from Ukraine in English.

In 2000, I headed an IT-team on launching an own-run pb.ua (official website) and a Bank's internal home.pb.ua site (in fact, the internal one very soon hundred-fold exceeded the pb.ua site). Plus, I thought off and implemented a rather dramatic issue: a flexible mechanism on 24/7 content managing sites via fifty key specialists from various HQ divisions. In 2004, I launched Ukrainian and English versions of pb.ua, and embodied multiple other web projects in 2000-2012.

In 2012, I graduated with distinction from Stanford course "Human-Computer Interaction", where besides all its cool stuff I was imbued by Axure-prototyping ideas. In next years I developed such projects:

2013 - Director's SMS-messages and Upgrading avias.ua

2014 - PrivatTube and Top-manager tool for prompt & mass communications

2015 - Launching PrivatBank Cyprus

2016 - Elaborating smartphone&tablet version of m.pb.ua as a main channel of the Bank's contacts with customers.