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In 2000, I invented a linguistic tutorial game Word Hunter for my five-year-old son Cyril to train him in English, later made its German, French and Spanish versions.

For example, you should determine by ear a thing that has been pronounced in foreign language and to click on its true image (one of nine options) within 20 seconds. If your answer is correct, then a puzzle-picture is displayed with one extra fragment added. After 25 correct answers the assembling of the puzzle-picture finalises, it "revives" and a short funny movie is played back. A duration of a pause between questions is not limited, the number of attempts - as well. For better lesson consolidation every third movie consists of 50 questions containig those from the previous two.

In those years, Internet Explorer was hegemonic among browsers and I, not being a programmer, asked my colleague Andrew Pomoynitsky to hardcode the mechanism of the game: with minimal efforts, in a single attempt. Therefore, the program worked only in IE, and not in any PC.

A bit later, entirely by myself I made a dozen "reviving" English pictures using Sony DAR Architect. They can be assembled by means of any DVD-player. But the cricial gaming issue - a random selection of questions - alas, was almost lost in course of converting into this format.

Hopefully, in the nearest future, Cyril (my son for whom Word Hunter was made), being a programmer will use my archives and approaches for creating some cross-platform online tutorial. For example, for teaching his own children (and my grandchildren). "Online" is not a strict condition.

I should emphasise that my Word Hunter principle can be used to study not only foreign languages, but for any subject that is of interest and that parents want to teach their children aged 5-12 years.

Some details. In my tutorial you not only choose a picture with the subject, hearing its name. I made few other modifications. Here are some below.

- For example, viewing an animation illustrating the French verb "run", you should choose its correct spelling out of these options:

- "What was said?" checks your spelling: among 6 words with similar pronunciation you must choose the correct one. For example, in English:

- In the short video Lennon (or Presley, or some other pop star) sings a phrase from his hit, and you need to click on the correct version of its translation into Russian.

- Click on the German article, suitable for one a named noun in the picture above.

- Recognise the named direction (up, down, right, left), pronoun, adjective, number, road sign, shape (circle, triangle, etc.)