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Most of my classmates, who have achieved some results in this life, gradually grew as engineers in their chosen areas.

Until the early nineties I also had some achievements in a technical domain. Therefore, a visualisation of myself in this website header - via calipers, schemes, hoisting mechanisms, gearwheels - could be reasonable enough. Moreover, an engineering approach has already really penetrated almost into my genes and accompanies me aye. When I hang up a boiler or a bookshelf, when choose a washing machine or simply look at a sculpture...

But I was lucky (or vice versa) to act as a non-engineer thereto. Plus, hobbies.

Foreign relations & linguistics could be expressed by a compass, some Latin phrase about interchanging or an analogue of "No man is a prophet in his own country."

Lecturing - by a blackboard and books.

Computering & web - by proper devices and collages.

Banking & investments - by stock diagrams and banknotes.

Management & compiling - by a pen and some office gadgets and bagatelles.

Soccer - by a ball, a gate, boots.

Amateur photo & video - by cameras, object-glasses, tripods.

Musical enthusiasm - by headphones, discs.

In total, it all finalises into an incredible vinaigrette.

So, my initial desire to combine them all in one was called-off, and I decided to change a vista radically. A concentration should be focused onto some general feature that is peculiar to me both in my activities and inactivities.

Thence, after some pondering the top motto "Laxity vs Perfectionism" was born.

Nevertheless, it is absolutely possible that after few weeks or months I can change it. The best is the enemy of the good...

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